Geometric Model

The geometric model represents one column of stereocilia along a hair bundle. It consists of a mathematical description of the angular changes of individual stereocilia within the selected column in response to a displacement stimulus located at the tip of the tallest stereocilium of a column. The model makes one basic assumption: that there is no bending along the length of a stereocilium during displacement. In one version of the model – called the touch model – another assumption is that during displacement the tip of each stereocilium remains in contact with the side of the next tallest stereocilium. In another version of the model – called the splay model – adjacent stereocilia are allowed to separate, and the amount of separation depends on their coupling stiffness.

The model was implemented using MATLAB's graphical user interface and allows the user to interactively assign parameters values (e.g. stereocilia dimensions) and visualize the resulting calculations (e.g. angular displacements).

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